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With our “nest empty,” and while we were still relatively healthy, we made the decision to begin the process of looking for a one floor cottage home. We wanted to look forward to going somewhere as we left the home and neighborhood we loved. We also viewed this move as a gift to our children so they would not have to handle everything involved in such a move in the future.

We decided on StoneBridge for several reasons. In most of the communities we visited, the cottages seemed so cramped together and the campus had a stifling “big city” feel. At StoneBridge, the cottages are nicely spaced, and we loved the more pastoral, tranquil and peaceful feel of the campus as it is nestled in the natural beauty of Winton Woods. Plenty of room to move, walk and breath in the life-giving spirit of God’s creation!

We have now lived in StoneBridge for 5 years. We continue to love our beautiful one floor “no steps” cottage, the surrounding natural beauty, and most of all, the wonderful people associated with our StoneBridge Community. Our advice for anyone considering a move is to pull the band aid off quickly and make the transition to a new home while you are still physically and mentally able.

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