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Ah, life! We make our plans and then have to go to Plan B or C…or Q, R, S… Finding myself further down that alphabet of plans, I moved to Cincinnati, with a totally open mind as to where to live and what type of place to consider, knowing no one and never even having visited the area. Friends in other “senior living” arrangements had warned me to avoid that type of arrangement at all costs, but y’know… I wanted to look around with that open mind to consider what would work for me, now and in the future.

Well, since you’re reading my testimonial, you know what the decision was, over a condo, a house, or even an apartment. Others’ testimonies on this website will rave about amenities and conveniences and advantages of StoneBridge, and it is all true. In normal times, I travel a lot for extended periods (often 3+ months) and I will have no worries of unnoticed break-ins or  waist-high grass on my return. Yes, the staff here is awesome and attentive and a real pleasure to deal with, often reacting to a request with, “Would you like us to also…?” A few strolls through the neighborhood had me meeting the friendly residents. With COVID restrictions lessening, we’ve had some activities, so in the few short months I’ve been here, I’ve gone from knowing no one to being able to call people by their name and ask about their dog or how they liked the movie or if the Reds won or when the grandkids will next visit. Those friends who warned me off of the idea of active senior housing? They are stunned with what I’ve told them about Stone Bridge and may even be a teensy bit jealous?  In the barely 3 months since I moved in, it’s become not just where I am now, but home.  And I didn’t even get down to Plan Z!

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