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Learn the Basics of Bridge – A How-to Guide for Older Adults

An entertaining and beloved card game

One of the most entertaining and beloved card games of all time, Bridge is the perfect game for all seasons, all genders and all ages. It can be an especially good choice for older adults living in retirement communities because finding a foursome for a game is easy! Playing Bridge is not only fun, it’s challenging and can help keep seniors keep their brains sharp and their social skills intact. Many seniors enjoyed playing bridge years ago, but even those who have never played the game before can learn. There is no one way to learn Bridge, but here are several options to consider.

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Football Season is Almost Here, Throw an Active Senior Driveway Tailgate Party!

Everyone is looking forward to pigskins flying again, so now is a great time to plan a tailgate to celebrate the return of football! No need to head to the stadium, tailgating at home (aka “homegating”) with friends and neighbors can be just as much fun and much less challenging. So set up the big screen in the garage, bring out the folding chairs, and fire up the grill, it’s time to tailgate!

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