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We never knew StoneBridge existed until we received a little post card in the mail talking about a retirement community. I laid the postcard down and forgot about it. At the time, Barry and I were not ready to go to any retirement village or any retirement home. We built our house about 15 years ago and it was a dream home. We thought we were being smart. It was a large ranch home with a finished basement. We had the washer and dryer on the main floor, so we thought we were set to live there for the rest of our lives.

Little did we know that in August of this year, things would change so rapidly. Barry fell down the stairs and broke a vertebra in his neck. After two surgeries, he has finally recovered and is doing much better. As fate would have it, there were a few things on the house that were needing to be fixed. They were minor things but sent us overboard. We decided to see what StoneBridge had to offer.

15 years ago StoneBridge was being built the same time my house was being built. Little did I know that God had seen ahead and knew that we would need this place. So here we are 15 years later at StoneBridge. I loved my house and didn’t think I would ever leave it. But there are different seasons and I knew that the season had come and that I needed to leave that part of my life to someone else to enjoy as much as we did.

So here we are here at StoneBridge and we love it. The peace of mind that I have living here, knowing that things are taken care of for me has been a total relief and Barry feels the same way. We have been here a little over a month now and I have met several people here.

As I was saying, the peace of mind that has come to us has more than replaced the love that I had for my old house. It has given us such comfort and has take a load off of our shoulders. I am excited to share this story with other people that are thinking that it might be the time to make a move. If you are in a place where you feel it is time to make that move, StoneBridge is the best kept secret in Springfield Township! You won’t be sorry, and we’ll be glad to have you come and join our StoneBridge family.

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