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Cutting the grass, raking leaves, etc. were taking longer and longer. Our bodies were telling us to make some changes and downsize. We began to look at what was available near us. Our nephew and niece recommended that we look at StoneBridge. We visited the grounds and neighborhood.  Everything looked positive. Now we had to look at affordability.

We always lived on a budget from the day we were married. We added the cost of everyday living expenses with the fee at StoneBridge and we discovered StoneBridge was only $200 more than what we were paying in our own home and we had not factored in major expenses like a new roof, repairs, etc. StoneBridge was going to cover all these things. We also no longer had to pay house taxes, house insurance, water and garbage bills. It was a “No brainer.” It was worry free living in a peaceful environment.

Life here is not just a, “Do nothing” existence. (We have) access to bingo, card games, yoga, seasonal parties, free membership to Mercy Health Plex, bus trips to various places not too far away, etc. We have Catholic Mass in the Chapel 5 days a week. And every several weeks, the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library brings current and new books to our library for those who are interested. And of course, since the StoneBridge property abuts Winton Woods Park, there are trails on which to hike.

We have been here 15 years now, and we love it. We made a wise decision. The maintenance crew is knowledgeable and quick to respond. Management is easily accessible, friendly, and responsive. The cost is quite reasonable for all that is provided. We hope to live here until the Lord calls us to our final place of rest.

A Bridge Over A Body Of Water
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