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No More Stairs, Maintenance, Lawn Care – What is Worry Free Living?

Worry Free Living.  This can mean different things to different people. 

“Life becomes happy, delightful and enjoyable when you set yourself free from worries.”


It can happen at any age.  

One realizes those stairs aren’t as easy to navigate than they once were, yardwork becomes a chore instead of a pleasure, and the thought of calling on a contractor to do repairs that used to be so easily taken care of becomes an overwhelming barrier to “Worry Free Living.” 

Retirement communities offer a host of options.  From ranch-style independent cottages, maintenance-free living, activities, amenities, transportation, safety, and meal plans, the choices are unlimited. 

Here are 5 things that worry free living means to our residents:

  1. Safety and Security – Living in a safe environment with a security system, operational oversight, 24/7 maintenance availability, ranch-style housing, and being in a community where one’s neighbors truly look out for each other.
  2. Value for the money spent – Comparing cost with what’s included.  Things like property taxes, water and sewer, trash collection, snow removal, security system, medical alert pendant, grounds maintenance, transportation, social events, and more provide a lot of “Value” to residents living in a retirement community.
  3. Activities and amenities – Whether it is having the option of plenty of activities to participate in, or an environment that heeds to ones desire for outdoor pleasures, rest assured, there is something for everyone.
  4. Space – What if you were able to move from your family home and still have plenty of space to bring beloved family heirlooms, have grandchildren stay overnight, and/or the ability to entertain with a large kitchen and outdoor area, clubhouse access, and nature trails?  Residents in retirement communities are finding out that downsizing isn’t too bad after all.
  5. And finally, peace of mind.  After all, worry free living not only promotes peace of mind, but well-being.  This is a state of being mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at peace.  Knowing what will promote one’s own peace of mind allows for choice.  There are various choices to make when looking for the right worry-free retirement living environment, but from our residents, it’s knowing there are others close by that care about each other that ease their worries the most.
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