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Can a Banana a Day Keep the Doctor Away? Check out these benefits!

According to experts, bananas are one of the best fruit sources of vitamin B6, which is easily absorbed by your body and just one medium-sized banana can provide nearly a quarter of your daily vitamin B6 needs. 

Vitamin B6 helps your body produce red blood cells, metabolize carbohydrates, fats and amino acids, removes unwanted chemicals from your liver and kidneys, and also to maintain a healthy nervous system.

Bananas also contain vitamin C which protects your body against cell and tissue damage, helps the body absorb iron better, produces collagen which holds your skin, bones, and body together, and supports brain health by producing serotonin which affects sleep, mood, and experiences of stress and pain.

We’ve all heard that the potassium in bananas is good for your heart and blood pressure.  A medium-sized banana provides about 320-400mg of potassium which not only helps your body maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure, but they are also low in sodium which also helps control high blood pressure.

Did you know that Bananas can also aid digestion and help gastrointestinal issues?  Well, just one medium banana provides about 10-12% of your daily fiber needs which promotes regular bowel movements, helps to prevent constipations, stomach ulcers, and heartburn.     

And the delicious banana also can give you energy.  Bananas contain sucrose, fructose and glucose which are natural sugars giving you a fat and cholesterol-free energy source.

I enjoy a banana nearly every morning with my cereal, yogurt, or on its own.  But don’t eat too many as that could reverse all of the benefits.  Experts recommend eating 1-2 bananas per day.  Happy eating!  

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