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Throw a Neighborhood Progressive Holiday Party in Your Senior Living Community

No matter how you celebrate, getting ready for the holidays this year will likely be more fun than ever before. To make up for last year and spread good cheer throughout your senior living community neighborhood, get together with friends and throw a progressive holiday party! Not only is it a very entertaining way to maximize the holidays, it gives everyone a chance to share holiday décor as well as favorite dishes and treats. Here are tips for active older adults to make it a smooth, fun and festive event.

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Improve Your Mood with Meditation

The holidays are wonderful! They are also stressful, even for active retired older adults. Add to the normal holiday stress points, the uncertainty of COVID-19, and this year may be even harder on the body and the mind, than usual. Before the holidays are in full swing, get prepared by learning how meditation can help improve your mood as well as how you are able to manage stress when things get complicated.

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Beginniner’s Guide to Tai Chi for Active Older Adults

Exercise is essential to a healthy mind and body, and one type of exercise — Tai Chi — is one that almost everyone can do and enjoy. Tai Chi is a combination of meditation and exercise that can gently soothe stress while keeping muscles in shape and flexible. It is especially great for active older adults who cannot participate in more strenuous forms of exercise, but has something to offer even those who work out regularly. Take a look at Tai Chi and find out if it can help you reach your mental and physical wellness goals.

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Cooking Warm Dinners for Cooler Nights

As the cooler days and nights set in, the appetites of older adults turn to foods that were just too heavy for the heat of summer. Whether attending a potluck dinner or progressive dinner party in the active adult senior living retirement community, a football tailgate party, a fall get-together, or just planning a warm meal for visiting family, one of the best ways to make wonderful fall dishes is with the ever-popular slow cooker. From favorite soups and stews to new adventures in eating, here are some great ideas for making this fall a gastronomic success!

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A Person Holding A Flower

Seeing the Cincinnati Area’s Fall Colors: A Guide for Active Seniors

As summer comes to an end, it will go out in a blaze of glory as the leaves on many trees transition from green to a range of colors from bright yellow to fiery reds, peaking in mid- to late October. So, while the long hot days wane, it’s time to embrace the cooler autumn weather and take a fall color tour. Thanks to the many beautiful places to witness nature around Cincinnati as well as throughout Ohio, the beauty of autumn is easy to find. Here’s a list of best places for active seniors to go within a short drive of StoneBridge at Winton Woods to make the most of a fall color tour.

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Enjoy the Fall: Evening Stroll Ideas for Active Older Adults

As summer comes to a close and the leaves begin to turn, it’s a perfect time for active older adults to take advantage of cooler weather and enjoy an evening stroll around the retirement community like StoneBridge at Winton Woods, or one of the many wonderfully diverse places Cincinnati has to offer. Here’s a look at some of the possibilities to enjoy with family, friends and neighbors to get a little exercise and reinvigorate after the long hot summer.

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Learn the Basics of Bridge – A How-to Guide for Older Adults

An entertaining and beloved card game

One of the most entertaining and beloved card games of all time, Bridge is the perfect game for all seasons, all genders and all ages. It can be an especially good choice for older adults living in retirement communities because finding a foursome for a game is easy! Playing Bridge is not only fun, it’s challenging and can help keep seniors keep their brains sharp and their social skills intact. Many seniors enjoyed playing bridge years ago, but even those who have never played the game before can learn. There is no one way to learn Bridge, but here are several options to consider.

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