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Exercises Older Adults Can Do in Your Living Room

The benefits of physical activity for older adults are many. Regular exercise can prevent or lessens many health problems, may improve mood and mental health, may lessen the risk of injury including falls by improving balance, and may help maintain a healthy body weight. Even those with chronic conditions may benefit from exercise in one form or another. The best part is that older adults can get adequate exercise during the winter months and during COVID quarantine without ever leaving home. As with all physical activity, please consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen to determine which activities are most suitable for you.

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Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues


Earlier this month, Punxsutawney Phil the famous weather predicting groundhog saw his shadow, which according to tradition means six more weeks of winter. By now, many of us living in the northern half of the United States are probably feeling the effects of being cooped up in our homes not only because of the winter weather and temperatures, but because of COVID-19 quarantines in effect throughout most of the country.

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