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A Group Of People In A Pool Of Water

Beat the Heat: Pool Exercises Active Seniors Can Do to Stay Fit AND Cool

Staying cool and fit in the heat of summer is easy for active seniors who have a pool nearby. Even seniors with mobility concerns can enjoy the buoyancy provided by water and work on staying limber and healthy. Some enjoy just swimming laps while others can participate in organized water exercise classes. But to take advantage of the pool alone or with a few friends, try these easy and simple pool exercises.

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A Group Of People Sitting At A Table In A Restaurant

The Best Dining Guides for Eating Out in the Cincinnati Area

As more and more active seniors get vaccinated for COVID-19, and pandemic restrictions are easing, we can finally get back to enjoying life in the greater Cincinnati area. If you love dining out, or are just tired of cooking most of your own meals – and doing the dishes – for the past year, it’s a welcome sign that restaurants are getting back to business as usual. To help you find the perfect place to dine, check out these top online dining resources. Before you head out for dinner sure to check with the restaurant by calling or visiting their website for their current COVID-19 policy.

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A Person Sitting At A Table With A Plate Of Food

Plan Your Retirement Community’s Neighborhood Fourth of July Party Now!

There are some fabulous opportunities to see fireworks displays in the Cincinnati area (check out The Cincinnati Region’s“Best Places to See 4th of July Fireworks in Cincinnati”), but if you’re an active senior who doesn’t want to deal with the crowds and traffic, consider celebrating Independence Day with your neighbors in your retirement community by throwing a neighborhood July 4th party! It’s a fun way to spend a summer afternoon and evening while getting to know your neighbors better! Planning an Independence Day party is a piece of cake with a little bit of advance planning and help. That’s what neighbors are for, right?

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10 Great Day Trips in the Cincinnati Area for Active Older Adults

If you’re an active senior who lives in the Cincinnati area, May is a great month to go out for a drive and explore! There are some outstanding attractions in the greater Cincinnati area and within an easy drive of the active adult community of StoneBridge at Winton Woods, and we’ve put together a list of some ones you may know of and some unique ones you might not have heard of. The weather is warm and pleasant, so take your pick and have a great time!

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A Close Up Of A Man In A Blue Shirt

Be the Most Stylish Guy in Any Crowd by Doing This One Thing

Hey active senior guys – this blog is for you! Even though you’re retired and don’t need to put on the coat and tie much anymore, there’s no reason why you can’t slip on your blazer or sport coat now and then for special occasions. Here’s a simple and easy styling trick that will update your look the next time you go out for date night and ensure that you will almost certainly be the most stylish guy in the crowd!

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A Vase Of Flowers Sitting On A Table

Kitchen Herb Gardens for Small Spaces

Growing herbs yourself brings fresh flavors into your cooking and delightful smells into your home. You don’t need to dig out a garden patch in your yard to do so, many of the most useful herbs can be successfully grown in containers, like pots and planters, on the back porch of your 55 plus retirement villa or apartment.

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Deborah Trenchard Smiling For The Camera

It’s Spring, Get Outside!

It’s Spring, and all around the Cincinnati area you can see signs of it: temperatures are warming up into the 60s and the trees and flowers are blooming all over. It’s a great time of year to be outside, so if you’re an active senior, here are some great outdoor activities to do to shake off your winter blues and enjoy the beauty all around you!

Get Your Steps In

Walking is a great exercise activity for older adults. The health benefits are many, and it’s an activity you can do that is literally right outside your front door! 30 minutes a day is recommended by most sources, but if you haven’t walked vigorously in a while or are just starting out, aim for five minutes and build up from there. The AGS Health in Aging Foundation has an informative tip sheet on walking for wellness, check it out here.

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A Close Up Of A Person Holding A Cell Phone

Getting Started with Backyard Bird Watching

There’s something very satisfying about attracting birds to your yard. It’s a rewarding hobby for older adults in retirement communities that they can share with their family and friends. These daily visitors bring color, activity, and sounds to your property that you would otherwise miss out on. A strategically placed bird feeder within sight of a dining room or living room window will provide hours of enjoyment for the active senior throughout the seasons. Getting started is easy and affordable, we’ve collected some tips below to get you started.

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A Box Filled With Different Types Of Food On A Table

Get Groceries and Fresh, Locally Sourced Foods Delivered to Your Door

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on businesses across the country. The quarantine restrictions placed on retail stores, movie theatres, restaurants, and bars have been devastating to many businesses. Other businesses, like restaurants, have adapted by offering easy home delivery either directly (think pizza), or through apps like DoorDash. Grocery stores in particular have innovated home delivery of groceries, saving you time and a trip. Active Cincinnati seniors living in retirement communities including villas and apartments have several options for home delivery of their groceries. We’ve put together a list of some supermarket chains in the Cincinnati area that are offering delivery.

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