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A Box Filled With Different Types Of Food On A Table

Get Groceries and Fresh, Locally Sourced Foods Delivered to Your Door

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on businesses across the country. The quarantine restrictions…

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A Person Sitting At A Table Using A Laptop

Exercises Older Adults Can Do in Your Living Room

The benefits of physical activity for older adults are many. Regular exercise can prevent…

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A Man Sitting At A Table Using A Laptop Computer

Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

  Earlier this month, Punxsutawney Phil the famous weather predicting groundhog saw his shadow,…

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A Close Up Of A Keyboard

Is this a Scam? Here’s What Every Senior Citizen Needs to Know

Even the closest senior citizens to us are not safe from scams. I was…

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A House With Bushes In Front Of A Brick Building

Who Really Decides if Moving to a Retirement Community is Right for You? The Senior Adult? Or the Adult Child?

I’ve been working in Senior Living for nearly 20 years helping new residents and…

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